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This article presents the instructional video for creating a similar GUI application that was covered in another article, The Progress Bar, in the section: Handling Steps Progress with a Background Job in a GUI Application.

This GUI application displays the list of all PDF documents from a selected folder, and also shows the progress of a task running in the background. Additionally, this application has the ability to stop the running job—if needed.

This application showcases a Responsive GUI. The Windows application will not freeze, and remains responsive to the user. In a normal Windows GUI application the form is non-responsive, making the user wait to get the control back and freezing the application at the task that is completed.

This video shows you how to:

  • Create a new application.
  • Work with Forms properties and anchoring controls.
  • Add Controls from the Toolbox: RichTextBox, StartJob, Buttons, Label, and ProgressBar.
  • Work with the Properties, Functions, and the Snippet panels.
  • Add the code behind the controls:
    • Set properties for the Progress Bar control.
    • Work with JobTracker functions.

Download the sample application use in the video:

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