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Today, I was experimenting with hash tables that had keys with multiple values. (More about that later!) But, in the course of my experimentation, I tried one technique and then another and then another. I didn’t want to delete any of my trial code, but I also didn’t want it to run. I just wanted to comment it out.

I could have typed a comment symbol (#) on each line or typed the “<#” and “#>” to enclose each code block in a comment block, but PowerShell Studio makes commenting even easier.


To comment out each line individually (#), highlight one or more lines and type Ctrl + Q, or click Comment (in the Edit section of the Home tab).

Comment (Ctrl+Q)

Here’s the result.

commented lines



To add a comment block, highlight a code block and type Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Q, or click Block Comment. (The Block Comment icon was new in PowerShell Studio version 4.1.72.)

Block Comment (Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Q)

And, here’s the result.

Commented code block


To delete comments (either format), highlight the commented lines and type Ctrl + Shift + Q, or click Uncomment.

Uncomment (Ctrl + Shift + Q)


And, they’re gone.

Uncommented code


That will save me a few keystrokes and let me concentrate on my hash table.

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