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So, you just got a new subscription to a SAPIEN product. You’ve run the installer and you’ve launched the product and you were presented with a screen like this:



Where do you go from here?  Well, since you already have a subscription number, you can pretty much ignore the buttons on the top right.



Instead, focus on the section below the text “If you have a current subscription number, please enter or paste your information into the fields below.”

If you DO NOT already have a SAPIEN account (this is not necessarily the same as your store account!), click the “Create Account” button to create an account.

create account

This will launch your browser and take you through the steps to create your SAPIEN account.


If you DO have a SAPIEN account, you can obviously skip that step.

Enter your SAPIEN account username in the field that is labeled “SAPIEN ID” and your SAPIEN account password in the field labeled “Password”.



Enter your subscription number in the place provided—hyphens are optional.

subscription number


Click on the “Activate” button which is now highlighted.



If your activation is successful, you will be presented with a screen that says as much and your new subscription will have been registered to your SAPIEN account.



Should an issue arise and the activation fails, you will be presented with a fairly clear explanation of what happened as shown in the example below.



Make sure you have entered everything correctly and try again. If you still can’t activate, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Although our example uses PrimalScript, this procedure is the same for PowerShell Studio, VersionRecall, PrimalSQL, PrimalXML, PowerShell HelpWriter, PowerShell ModuleManager, WMI Explorer  and the SAPIEN DevOps Suite. All activations require an active internet connection. There can, on occasion, be exceptions to that rule.  If you have a legitimate reason for needing offline access, please fill out a request for an offline key. All requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

If you have questions about our products, please post in our support forum.
For licensed customers, use the forum associated with your product in our Product Support Forums for Registered Customers.
For users of trial versions, please post in our Former and Future Customers - Questions forum.
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