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While working on updating our products to support PowerShell V3 and running various tests to ensure our software functions correctly, we stumbled upon a minor bug that was introduced into V2 after installing PowerShell V3 on Windows 7. As it turns out, this bug is also present on Windows 8 machines.

Our goal is to inform you about this issue, should you ever encounter it while using our PowerShell products.

The following is a syntax error produced by a script using the V3 console. As you can see, the message displays the position of the syntax error:

PowerShell V3 Console: syntax error produced by a script


If you run the same script containing the syntax error in the V2 console (after installing v3), it no longer displays the position. Instead it has “<position>” as a place holder, but no actual information:

PowerShell V2 Console: (after installing v3), it no longer displays the position

The lack of position information can make it difficult to locate the syntax error without assistance.

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