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The PowerShell Studio v5.6.164 service build introduces a new ComboBox control set:

ComboBox – Colors

This control is useful when you need to provide the user with a color choice.


ComboBox Colors control set

When you select the ComboBox – Colors control set, PowerShell Studio inserts a ComboBox that displays a list of colors:

Colors ComboBox

Each item represents a System.Drawing.Color type and includes a preview of the color. When a user selects a color from the pull down, the ComboBox's SelectedItem property will contains the selected Color object:

	#Get the selected color
	$color = $comboboxColors.SelectedItem
	if ($color)
		#Apply the color to the RichTextBox
		$richtextbox1.SelectionColor = $color
		$richtextbox1.AppendText("Selected: $color `r`n")

In this example, the color name is displayed in the RichTextBox using the selected color:

Color Changed

Note: This control set was inspired by a user's post on our PowerShell GUIs forum. Please let us know what you think.

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