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The subscription model for our products was discontinued effective January 22, 2024. Active subscriptions will remain active until canceled or terminated for non-payment. If you want to transfer your subscription to a perpetual license or have questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

A subscription is SAPIEN Technologies' payment model that allows you to utilize our software without purchasing a perpetual license, which requires a significant upfront cost. All subscriptions require a yearly commitment and can be prepaid or billed monthly.

Subscriptions are available for PowerShell Studio, PrimalScript, and SAPIEN DevOps Suite. All our software is also available to purchase as a perpetual license; you can own and use perpetual licenses and subscriptions at the same time.

What is included

Active subscriptions come with maintenance in the form of free upgrades to all service builds and product versions released during the subscription term. Active subscriptions also include Product Technical Support in our Product Support Forums.

Twenty (20) activations are allowed at any given time, with two instances running concurrently. For more details, please reference Using a SAPIEN Software Subscription below.

Subscription vs. Perpetual License

The product features are the same whether you have a perpetual license or a subscription.

There is one key difference in the operational capabilities of the software; perpetual license holders can apply for an Offline Activation File, which allows the software to be used in an offline environment. In contrast, once activated, subscriptions can be used offline for up to five days which should not impact your use of the software if you travel and do not have internet for a while.

Some differences

This table outlines some key differences between subscriptions and perpetual licenses:

  Subscription Perpetual License
Requires a credit or debit card. Yes No
Can be purchased through resellers. No Yes
Gets updates during the term. Yes Yes
Can extend the update term.


(Processed automatically until canceled)  


(Not processed automatically)  

Can be used after the term ends.  No Yes
Can be used in an offline environment.  No Yes

Points to consider

Here are some things to consider when choosing between a subscription or a perpetual license.

Subscriptions are a better fit if:

  • You always use the software online.
  • You want to always be on the latest version.
  • You don’t need access to the software after you cancel your subscription.
  • You, or your employer, do not want to spend the full perpetual license cost upfront but are okay with a smaller monthly payment.
  • You have an old perpetual license, say from 10 years ago, and you want to have the latest software version.
  • You are constantly struggling with co-terming perpetual licenses so that everyone is on the same maintenance schedule (subscriptions are automatically co-termed upon purchase through our online store).

Perpetual licenses are a better fit if:

  • You often work in an offline environment.
  • You are required to purchase through a reseller.
  • You cannot use a credit or debit card to purchase the software.
  • You need to have access to the software after you cancel your subscription.

Either a subscription or perpetual license is a good fit if:

  • You have multiple users for the software and a fair amount of turnover (Activation Keys are managed in the same way).

When cost is the deciding factor:

  • Subscriptions have a lower monthly cost.
  • If you prepay your subscription, you will get a bit of extra savings.


Subscriptions require auto-pay by credit or debit card and are available to purchase in our online store. We offer monthly and prepaid payment options, with a little bit of extra savings if you prepay. Our subscriptions require an annual commitment and automatically renew one year from the purchase date. Subscriptions are not available through our reseller partners.


Billing varies depending on the plan you select:

Subscription Plan  Billing
  Annual Subscription, billed monthly.     Billed when you sign up, and then monthly.  
  Annual Subscription, prepaid.     Billed when you sign up, and then annually.  


Subscriptions automatically renew. The renewal date is on your SAPIEN Account > Registered Products page. We will send you a completed payment receipt after a payment has been successfully processed. If the payment fails, we will email a notification to update your payment and/or billing details. You will have seven days to update your payment before your subscription is canceled.

Extra Seats

To purchase extra seats for your subscription, please reference How to add a seat to your subscription.


If you cancel your subscription, you will be charged through the remainder of your commitment period. The cancelation will become effective as of your next scheduled renewal date, and you will lose access to the software at the end of your subscription term. Subscriptions are not eligible for returns or refunds, and software exchanges are not permitted at any time. Please note that your SAPIEN Account cannot be deleted until any remaining annual subscription(s) payments (billed monthly) are completed.

Return Policy

All SAPIEN Technologies software is non-refundable, which includes both perpetual licenses and subscriptions. We offer fully functional 45-day trials on all software. Detailed descriptions of all software are available. It is assumed that the buyer has reviewed all available information, operated the trial version, and is fully satisfied with the software prior to purchasing. Therefore, all purchased software that has been registered and/or activated at any time is non-refundable.

If the software has been purchased in error, SAPIEN Technologies will extend a refund within 14-days, provided the software has not been registered to an account and/or activated. Any registration and/or history of activation of the software will result in this refund option becoming null and void and the purchase deemed non-refundable.

For a full explanation of our Refund Policy, please reference our SAPIEN Refund Policy.

Using a SAPIEN Software Subscription

Here are some answers to common questions about using your software subscription.

  • Are SAPIEN software subscriptions per user or per computer?
    • As per our EULA, all our subscriptions are per user. Therefore, the number of users accessing the software should equal the number of subscriptions purchased.
  • Can I use my subscription on multiple computers?
    • Each purchased subscription entitles the designated user to have the software installed and activated on a maximum of twenty (20) computers or workstations. These devices must be personally used by the designated user. The designated user may operate the software on no more than two (2) computers or workstations at any given time.
  • Do I have to be connected to the internet to operate the software with my subscription?
    • Yes, to activate and operate the software, you must be connected to the internet. If you are in a situation where you need to go offline, you will have a five-day grace period before the software blocks access until an internet connection has been established. Therefore, you will need to use the software with an internet connection at least once every five days.
  • Are Offline Activations available for subscriptions?
    • No, Offline Activation Files are not available for subscriptions. If you need to operate the software in an offline environment, a perpetual license will need to be purchased.
  • Do I have to update to new versions automatically?
    • New versions do not automatically install on your device; you can install updates at your leisure. You are eligible to run any version available, starting with the most recent build available on your initial purchase date. Please note that we release service builds that introduce new features or enhancements and fix bugs. If you encounter any issues with the software, an upgrade to a newer version is often required to solve the problem.
  • Can I still use the software after my subscription has expired?
    • No. The software is only accessible for as long as the subscription is active.


If you have questions or if you want to inquire about switching from a perpetual license to a subscription, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..






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