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We understand the desire to roll out software automatically with ease, so we have created a new mechanism for our end users who work in Citrix or similar server environments. This option removes the constant need to input your Username, Password, and 16-digit Activation Key. It is tailored to work for users whose machines are reset daily, weekly, or even monthly.

How to Configure the AutoUnlock File

Step 1: Start the Notepad app

Please refrain from using Microsoft Word or any other word processor.

Step 2: Create a section for the product you are licensed to use 

You do not need a separate file for each product; all products can be added to one file.

If you have the DevOps Suite:

[SAPIEN DevOps Suite]

If you have other products but DO NOT have the DevOps Suite:

Create a section for each product, as shown in the example below:

[PowerShell Studio]


About the "User" field:

IMPORTANT - Please note that <YourUserName> is a place holder:
Correct: User=SAPIENID
Incorrect: User=<SAPIENID>

About the "Key" field:

Activation keys in the AutoUnlock file must not include dashes " - ".

Acceptable product names:

SAPIEN DevOps Suite
PowerShell Studio
PowerShell ModuleManager
PowerShell HelpWriter
CIM Explorer (if you are still utilizing WMI Explorer 2020, the product name is “WMI Explorer”).

Minimal product version numbers:

Here are the minimal version numbers of each product that will be capable of using this unlocking method:

PrimalSQL 4.5.71
PowerShell Studio 5.7.173
PowerShell ModuleManager 1.1.6
PowerShell HelpWriter 2.3.47
PrimalScript 7.6.137
PrimalXML 4.5.60
VersionRecall 1.6.152
CIM Explorer 2.2.90
WMI Explorer 2.2.89

Step 3: Save the file

  1. Select the File > Save menu option.
  2. Name your file autounlock.inf.
    • All AutoUnlock files MUST end in .inf to function properly.
  3. Save this file to C:\ProgramData\SAPIEN.

What happens when you open the software after the text file is saved?

  • The software looks for the autounlock.inf file in C:\ProgramData\SAPIEN.
  • If found, the software is unlocked, and no dialog is shown.

Please note that after successful activation of your software, all text data will automatically be removed from the file. The file will not be removed from your computer; the information that was utilized will be removed.


If you have questions about our products, please post in our support forum.
For licensed customers, use the forum associated with your product in our Product Support Forums for Registered Customers.
For users of trial versions, please post in our Former and Future Customers - Questions forum.
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