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Is your form suffering from shrinkage?

Nobody likes it when your form shrinks to sizes where you can no longer see any controls.

Form Shrinkage

How embarrassing!

Well there is hope! Stop embarrassing shrinkage with our simple solution! With a single application you will impress instead of depress!

The PowerShell Studio Solution:

Click on your form in the designer and alter the MinimumSize property in the Property Pane.

Minimum Size

Yes, that’s right! You can specify the minimum size your form will shrink to. Enter the minimum width and height and you’re done!

Setting Minimum Size

And no more shrinkage problems!

Shrinkage Prevented

But what if you have the opposite problem and it won’t stop growing?

We got you covered!

Just set the MaximumSize property and your form will stop growing once it reaches its limit.

Maximum Size

And it’s not just limited to the form! You can apply this solution to any control!

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