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Need help with one of our products or with PowerShell scripting in general? There is a support group for that on our forums!

How to get help and quick!

The easiest way to get to customer support is by using the product’s Send Feedback menu:

Send Feedback Menu

Note: Our support staff responds quickly to forum questions with the exceptions of holidays, weekends and off hours.

Premium Support

If you are a premium support customer you will see the Premium Support link (PowerShell Studio only). The link will take you directly to our Premium Support ticketing system.

Report a Problem

Use this link to report a problem or to ask a product related question. The link will take you directly to the Product Support forums for registered customers.

If you are using a trial version of our products, you will be directed to the Trial Software / Pre-sales Technical Questions forum.

Important: If you are reporting a product issue, first use the Copy Product Information link before posting (see below).

Provide a Suggestion

Customer engagement is very important to us. If you would like to see a feature implemented, please use this link to provide a suggestion. The link will take you to one of these following pages, depending on the product:

Feature Requests Rage

Wish List and Feature Requests Forum

Scripting Question

Sometimes we need a little help from our friends in order to solve a problem. The Scripting Question link direct you to our Scripting Support forums where you can ask questions about PowerShell scripting or GUI scripting.

Note: Community experts monitor the scripting forums.

Copy Product Information

This link is important if you plan to report a problem with a product. Clicking the Copy Product Information will copy the product build number and OS information to your clipboard. When you post a new topic on our product forums, paste this information at the top of the message. Support will inevitably ask you for this information if it is not present.

If you have questions about our products, please post in our support forum.
For licensed customers, use the forum associated with your product in our Product Support Forums for Registered Customers.
For users of trial versions, please post in our Former and Future Customers - Questions forum.
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