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As previously reported, (PowerShell V3 breakpoint bug) PowerShell V3 has a serious breakpoint bug where breakpoints cannot be set or removed after a script has been started.

Our team also discovered another breakpoint related bug in V3, which basically renders Disable-PSBreakpoint inoperative. It just doesn’t work. Let me illustrate with the Microsoft Powershell V3 ISE under Windows 7 SP1.

We open a simple four line script.

simple script

Yes, it has Write-Host in it, it doesn’t matter. I set a breakpoint at line 15, as indicated by the coloring. Now we go and disable the breakpoints using this:

disable all breakpoints


As you can see here, the ISE stops at the disabled breakpoint.

ISE stops at disabled breakpoint

Well, it could be that it’s just the ISE that has a bug, so lets try another way. After closing the ISE, restarting it and loading the file again, we do this:

Disable breakpoints in console

This time we use cmdlets to set and disable the breakpoint. The coloring in the file shown above changes accordingly as you execute the cmdlets.

Now start the script:

Breakpoint is not disabled

Once again, PowerShell V3 stops at the disabled breakpoint. Using the V2 engine this does not happen and disable-psbreakpoint works as expected.

Some users report that they cannot reproduce this behavior on Windows 8, however our Windows 8 machines show the same behavior.

Disabled Breakpoint

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