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When it comes time to renew or reinstate your software, you may find that you need a formal quote for your purchasing or accounting department. Previously you had to contact our sales team and wait to receive a quote. Well, good news! You can now generate formal quotes from your SAPIEN account page!

To generate a quote for a single product, select Get a Renewal Quote or Get a Reinstatement Quote next to the subscription in question:


Your quote will display in a new window. For a print or electronic copy, click Get PDF:


Print or Save your quote:


To generate a quote for multiple products, gather the subscription numbers you need for your quote and then select Click to generate renewal/reinstatement quote in the Account Tools section on the right of the browser window:


On the Subscription Renewal / Reinstatement Quote page, enter the subscription numbers for your quote. Enter each number on a separate line in the text box provided, and then select Continue:


The screen will refresh with your quote. For a print or electronic copy, click Get PDF:


Print or Save your quote:

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For users of trial versions, please post in our Former and Future Customers - Questions forum.
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