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All software licenses purchased from SAPIEN Technologies, Inc. are per-user-the number of users accessing the software must equal the number of licenses purchased.

Our licenses can be deployed as 'single-user' or 'multi-user':

  • To make the licensing management process easier, the way that single-user and multi-user license(s) are deployed varies.
  • Regardless of whether the licenses are deployed as single-user or multi-user, the licensing terms and conditions are the same.

Single-User License Deployment

  • Each license purchased will be deployed as its own 16-digit license number.
  • Single-user license deployment is offered for individuals purchasing the license for themselves, or companies who wish to have a dedicated license number for each individual license purchased.
  • When purchasing multiple licenses, the purchasing company will need to assign one license number to each individual operating the software.

Single-User License Maintenance

For single-user licenses, maintenance expiration dates do not need to match. If you need to purchase a license for a new employee or additional user, you can do so at any time. You do not need to contact us for co-terming of maintenance dates. If you do wish to co-term, this can be done at the next maintenance renewal.

Single-User License Number Management


I am an individual purchasing a license for myself / My company gave me a license number to use:

  1. You will need to create an account at before activating the software. Once you have received the packing slip with license details, you have two options:

    • Is the software already downloaded on your device? Great! All you need to do is open the product and enter the Username/Password of your SAPIEN Account, along with the 16-digit License Number you received in the packing slip. As soon as the software has been activated, your license number will be automatically registered to the account that you used to activate.

    • Need to download the software? Log in to your account at, and navigate to the My Account, Registered Products page. You will see this screen:


      Enter your 16-digit license number in the "Product Registration Box" and click Register. The screen will refresh, and the download links for the product's latest version will be available:


      Download the appropriate software version and you are all set to go!


I am purchasing the software on behalf of an individual/business, but the individual who will use the software is not permitted to register the license to a personal account. It must be centrally managed:

  1. The License Account Manager will need to create an account at


    NOTE: Although the license will not be directly registered to the End User-each person operating the software will still be required to create their own SAPIEN Account. Once the End User(s) has created their account, they should provide their SAPIEN Account Username to the License Account Manager.

  2. After the management account is created, sign-in and navigate to the My Account, Registered Products page. Enter your 16-digit license number into the "Product Registration" box and click Register. The screen will refresh, and the license information will become available:


  3. Once the license is registered, the next step is to manage the user.

    Gather the SAPIEN Account Username provided by the End User who will be utilizing the software.

    NOTE: Each license can have one End User. For a single license, one end user can be attached.

    Click the option to Manage User:


    The username of the account that registered the software is automatically created as the End User. Therefore, you will need to remove yourself as the End User by selecting Remove User:


    NOTE: You will still have access to the account and will be in complete control of adding/removing the user, but you will no longer be the End User authorized to "activate" the software.

  4. Once the License Account Manager has been removed as the End User, the option to "Add User" becomes available. In the "Add a user" section, enter the End User's SAPIEN Account username and then click Add User:


    Once added, the End User will have access to the software as if it were registered to their personal account. Although they now have the ability to remove themselves as the End User, they do not have the ability to add a new user. Only the License Account Manager has the capability to add a user:


    The End User of the software can now log-in to their personal SAPIEN Account where they can download the licensed software, see the number of activations they have used, and manage their activations. They will be able to post in the SAPIEN Support Forums for any technical issues, and they can request licensing support from the e-mail associated with their account.

      ♦ Adding an End User is important for account security:

    • If you do not add an End User, then the user of the software would need access to the account management Username/Password to activate the software on their allotted two devices. If the End User has the account management login details, they would have full access to the management account.

    • Licensing and technical support for the license can only come from the e-mail addresses associated with the account. This includes both the account manager and managed end users. Due to security reasons, we will not assist any incoming requests from e-mail addresses not directly correlated with a license number-this applies to both technical issues and account/licensing issues.


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