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All software licenses purchased from SAPIEN Technologies, Inc. are per-user-the number of users accessing the software must equal the number of licenses purchased.

Our licenses can be deployed as 'single-user' or 'multi-user':

  • To make the licensing management process easier, the way that licenses are deployed varies.
  • Regardless of whether the licenses are deployed as single-user or multi-user, the licensing terms and conditions are the same.

Multi-User License Deployment

  • A minimum of two licenses is required for the multi-user deployment option.
  • All licenses purchased for one software product are merged into a single 16-digit license number.
  • Multi-user license deployment is best suited for larger businesses and corporations who do not wish to keep track of multiple license numbers for one piece of software.

Multi-User License Maintenance

All multi-user licenses are linked to one 16-digit license number; therefore, all maintenance expiration dates must match. Adding licenses requires the co-terming of maintenance expiration dates, which may incur additional co-terming costs. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to obtain a formal quote.

Multi-User License Number Management

  1. The License Account Manager will need to create an account at


    NOTE: Although the license will not be directly registered to the End User-each person operating the software will still be required to create their own SAPIEN Account. Once the End User has created their account, they should provide their SAPIEN Account Username to the License Account Manager.

  2. After the management account is created, sign-in and navigate to the My Account, Registered Products page. Enter your 16-digit multi-user license number into the "Product Registration" box and click Register. The screen will refresh, and the license information will become available:


  3. Once the license has been registered, the License Account Manager will automatically be added as an End User. If they are not an End User who will be using the software, they can remove themselves by selecting Remove User next to the Username:



  4. The next step is to begin adding End Users. First, the License Account Manager will need to gather the SAPIEN Usernames of the End Users who will be accessing the software. Next, click the option to Manage User:

    In the "Add a user" section, enter the End User's SAPIEN Account username and then click Add User:


    The License Account Manager is the only person who can add users to the account, but once a user is added, they have the ability to remove themselves.

    In addition to adding users, the License Account Manager can also remove users:


    Once added to the account, the End User has all of the rights to the license as they would if it were a single-user license number registered to their account. The registered user can now log-in to their personal SAPIEN Account where they can download the licensed software, see the number of activations they have used, and manage their activations. They will be able to post in the SAPIEN Support Forums for any technical issues, and they can request licensing support from the e-mail associated with their account.

License to User Ratio

You can register the same number of users to the account as there are licenses associated with the license number.

For demonstration purposes, the number of licenses used in this example is ten licenses. If the License Account Manager is also an End User, you can add nine additional users. If the License Account Manager is not an End User, you can add ten total users:


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